Monday, September 14, 2009

People in Quadrant I

It's been 5 days now since i entered my last post.

I was tied up with works that required me to focus on the dateline! dateline and dateline.

Although reading is an easy thing to do as ABC i still cant get the momentum of reading running.

Reading is really bored it can never excites you nor entertain you.

The opposite has to said about completing task and duties that require you to socialize and get the job done. The sense of adrenalin is just not in there in reading.

Thats the typical statement of what people in Quadrant I would say.

What is Quadrant I???

The book tells about 4 type of Quadrant that people belongs to. I would go to the details of it once i finished my assignment.

See you soon...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Real Life Experience

Today i experience the urgency addiction.

I have set a goal and objective in my life and i have set the direction and ways to achieve it but yet i seem to be easily out maneuvered by the urgency addiction.

I have forgotten the importance part of life which is to continue reading and update this blog as frequently as possible.

Meeting dateline and finishing report for some one else have made my day today an exhaustive one.

Is is only through continued reading that i can excel in my carrier and professional work life....really have to remember that one.

To frequently update my blog through my reading is the only method of going forward in achieving self fulfillment.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Urgency Vs Importance

According to the book, there are 2 ways in which we use our time.

1st we see our time through the Urgency paradigm the other is through the Importance paradigm.

It also stressed that urgency is a self destructive behaviour and it will just fill in the gap of unmet needs.

What are the unmet needs?? I will try to find the answer...

I guess what the book is trying to say here is that you dont have to pretend to get or involved your self to be busy because you will only miss out what is importance in your life.

The addictive experience according to the book:
  1. Creates predictable, reliable sensation
  2. Becomes the primary focus and absorbs attention
  3. Temporarily eradicates pain and other negative sensation
  4. Provides artificial sense of self worth, power, control, security, intimacy, accomplishment
  5. Exacerbates the problems and feelings it is sought to remedy
  6. Worsens functioning, creating loss of relationship.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Three Generation of Time Management

I am now on page 31.

Basically the story so far (untill page 31) is about differentiating the three generation of time management that exist and there is a need to bring on the 4th generation of time management into the picture.

Here is the summary of all three generation of time management:

Generation 1 is about deciding your action based on what lies ahead of you. This generation focuses on jotting down every single task on a notes. The weakness is off course you will eventually missed out on some of the task since it can not differentiate the complexity of each task. It treat each task the same and as a result you will have a very hard time joggling between task that is jotted down.

Generation 2 tells a different story. It is whereby time management is based on schedule and appointments or in other words "planning and preparation". Basically by using schedule appointments you will have time to prepare and get yourself ready to meet the activities that lies ahead. The weakness of this time management is that it cannot connect you with people around you because it consider "people" as a sort of barrier to accomplish goals.

Generation 3 is more to "planning, prioritizing and controlling". It is an extension to the 2nd generation. It gives you the ability to connect to your short and long term goals. Your will develop the value needed to achieve these goals.This seems to be the most adopted time management methods by most people. However the weakness of this method lies with its false believe that we can control the results we desired. Result is determined not through one effectiveness and level of efficiency but through careful conection and relationship between oneself and its surrounding.

This book also quoted what Albert Einstein said:

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them"

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Clock and The Compass

3 days have gone by and i am now on page 21.

I know i am a bit off the pace but at least i am READING arent i.

After reading through page 21 some of the important facts that i encountered was how tho differentiate between THE CLOCK AND COMPASS.

The clock is the traditional time management method where everything is guided by time table, scheduled and appointment whereas the compass gives you wisdom and direction how to acomplish thing.

The book also says something about how to differentiate between good and best.

Example it is easy for someone to differentiate between good and bad but most of the people failed to differentiate between good and best.

If you end up doing all good most likely you will missed out on the best which are things that is most important things in your life.

You can be efficient in carrying out your office responsibilities, performing multi tasking and getting more and more job done in a short period of time thanks to your gifted effieciency level, but at the end of the day you end up asking yourself so what??? does being effiecient make your life happier?? in the pocess of becoming a self proclaim robot how many things in life that you have left out???

In short, that my friend is the difference between selecting between good and best.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Thing First

Hi Folks..

Statically speaking Malaysian only reads an average of 2 book per year. source link

I am not shock at all at these findings since i am also one of the contributer to the statistic above..

Well i am determined to change all of that by making the first bold step of actually trying to finish a book on time management title FIRST THING FIRST by renowned author Stephen R. Covey

This blog is created as a reminder to me and fellow malaysian that if you want to pass a legacy to your children and grandchildren it might as well trough writing and reading...and i can only do my part by becoming an example so that my children will also adopt reading as their pass time hobbies.

My goal is to complete reading this book within the time frame of 30 days.

There is a malay proverb that goes "tak kenal maka tak cnta" translates will never love something if you do not know it..

So in line with that here is a few details as well as picture of the book that i am about to read...

1. It is a 373 page thick book.

2. It cost about US $23.00 &

3. It is publish in the year 1994 (i know the book is sort of way out of my time...but hei...i need to start somewhere and what better way to start other than indulging myself into a book about the importance of time managment itself...)